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Attendance the 24 hours

If the car to suffers any damages our clients should report these facts to our telephones in order to send the mechanical aid, towcar service and/or replacement the vehicle or to coordinate the solution of the problem (authorization for its reparing in a workshop of the place and reimbursement due to the justifiable repair).


Apu´s is a car hiring company which doesn't spare expenses in maintaining its vehicles in perfect state for this. It has the support of specialized Automobile Workshops. The vehicles of Apus fulfill with the security norms and security procedure to enter in to mines.

Technical backup

We Include the support of Mechanical Workshops Specialized in permanent form and with the use of replacements and original accessories, which guarantees a better performance and operation of the vehicle.

Service of Professional Conductor (optional)

We offer the service of professional conductors in optional form, our conductors have an extensive experience in routes and with knowledge of mechanics in general.

Equipment of our Vans

We offer special equipment for entering and working in Mines and Tourism, our vans include anti-overturn,protection internal cage, protectors of bodywork, tools, tires of replacement, cables trailer and battery, first-aid kit, meter of air, fire extinguisher, flashlights, triangles of security, and pirated, flasher Light, alarm of backward movement, poles, and others. The equipment is upon request of our clients.


Savings of Combustible

Savings of Fuel Our new fleet of small turbo vans - Diesel permits our clients smaller expenses on fuel.


Apus has a fleet the vehicles that permit to attend our clients with regularity and exactnes, where and how the request our customers, we hare and delivery service, to the airport, hotel, office, workplace.

Service among cities

Our clients can get back in anypart the vehicle of the country, the same will be charged an additional form taking in to account the Kilometers of distance.

Apu's Rent A Car
Telephone: (054)424054 Cellphones:(054)9441040 RPM: #345280